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Stargate Atlantis Canceled

A sad day...

The SCI FI Channel is ending Stargate Atlantis after five seasons, Multichannel News reports.

The show will go on, though, with a 2-hour movie that will air on SCI FI in 2009, and be released on DVD by MGM. The film will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

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Farscape: All is right

American Pet Idol

Hey everyone!!

I know I don't post as often as I should, and a lot of people watching this journal are for icons only....
But, my baby girl is up for a local American Pet Idol, and if she wins, she gets all kinds of free stuff from a vet! See? she's really cute

So if you have a minute go here and vote:

(Name posted: Melanie Austin Aeryn)

They will send you an email, and you will have to click on a link in the email to confirm your vote.
Thank you!
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Farscape: All is right

New layout and a hello

I've finally updated my journal, with my new love. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

Thanks for the help guys (you know who you are)

I hope to have icons coming soon, I've made a few here and there, and plan on doing a mass post.
Hope this post finds everyone well.

icons soon!
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