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Farscape: General TV Series Batch #5 51-65 
25th-Aug-2005 11:12 pm
Farscape: All is right
Additonal Notes: Resources are listed in my Bio, and or Memories. Please comment if you take any icons, and please don't hotlink.

Thanks for taking a look!


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Crossposted to farscapeicons and of course icons100
5th-Sep-2005 08:23 am (UTC)
Hello. I noticed an icon that jebbypal is using (Mal and Inara facing forward above and then small versions of them looking like they are looking up at themselves) and followed it back here. I just wanted to say you make amazingly beautiful icons. The one Jebbypal is using is stunning. It looks like they're watching a movie of themselves. And I really like the 'Back Off' one above.
5th-Sep-2005 09:57 am (UTC)

I replied to this at first...but then deleted it. So if you get an email response this is why. I finally figured out who Mal and Inara is. I'm afraid I've never seen firefly at all. This icon is of John and Aeryn from Farscape.

I'm glad you liked the icons however, and I'm glad you liked them enough to track me down.
5th-Sep-2005 10:12 am (UTC)
*looks at icon closer*

Wow. That's a pretty strange coincidence. I even thought I knew one of the screen caps you used. But now that I look at them closer, it doesn't quite look like Mal anymore. Or clothes Inara would wear either. But it's very close. Especially with the coloring of the icon (and the fact that it was Jebbypal using it), I think my confusion isn't completely unwarranted. ;-)

But either way, I'm only slightly disappointed that it's not one of my fandoms. It's still a beautiful icon. You're very talented with graphics manipulation. I took a look at your tutorial too and I may have to borrow a few pages from your technique.
5th-Sep-2005 10:15 am (UTC)

Well thank you so much. That's extremely flattering. I'm also glad that the tutorial helped you out as well. Thanks again for visiting.
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