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Just flapping my jaws

Someone brought to my attention that I decorated this place, but don't use it much.

So here we go: Status Friday.

I've watched half of Space: Above and Beyond. *sigh* It's so pretty and digitally. :-D

I went to bed at 3:30, was back up at 5:30, back to bed at 7:30, and saw 10, 11, and finally 12 on the clock before I just gave up, and got up.

So I'm tired, and I really hope I stay awake for Stargate: Atlantis, cause the preview looked very cool.

My young dog had either got fleas, or an allergy has flared up, because the licking is driving me insane, and her lower half is soaking wet half the time. Give me strength.

I read over at that Claudia Black may return this season. Here's the full article Here
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