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Vibrant colors tutorial

Go from This to

Vibrant Color Tutorial
I made this in PS7.0
Please don't make this icon exactly and call it your own. Naughty Naughty!
I'd like to see anything this helps you make though. That's the fun of it. :)

Start out with this cap from Supernatural, provided by: aemenangel @ kearacreations

Crop to make it interesting. :)

Duplicate layer, and set layer mode to Screen 100%

Take this gradient set layer mode to Soft Light, and I decreased opacity to 68%

Duplicate Base again. Place at the top of all layers. Layer Mode Soft Light. I decreased to 35% opacity

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen *Personal preference here* I sharpened twice.

Duplicate the gradient layer, place it on top. Change Layer Mode to Multiply. (leave opacity for now)

Click on the 2nd layer (base layer set to Soft Light 35%), and then link it with all of the layers below it.
(you can do this by clicking on the square to the right of the EYE)

So now your palette should look like this:

I'm going to merge all of the linked layers together by clicking Ctrl + E or Layer > Merge Linked (at the top of Photoshop)

Now you should have two layers. Gradient (Multiply) and what is now called Background (Base)

Duplicate your Background Layer, and place it at the top over the gradient layer. Set Layer Mode to Soft Light 100%

Now go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and I changed the input levels to: 0, 1.00, 105
( I usually grab the right arrow, and move it left, until the look hits me)

Now click on the Gradient Multiply layer and decrease the opacity. I decreased to 17%
(Some people may like to do this step BEFORE the previous step, so you can see how bright you should go)

Now you can go over and correct any little problems:
Click on Background layer, and use Sharpen, blur, burn, or dodge tool)

I used the dodge tool a little on my guy, with a size 9 feathered brush on about 30% Range: Midtones

Now for text! Add what you want here. I used:

reflect in Feena Casual 14 pt.
tracking: 100
Vertically Scale: 110%
Faux Bold
Antialias: Crisp

tiny txt in Courier New 2 pt.
tracking: 25
Vertically Scale: 50%
Antialias: Crisp

And there we go. Hope you found this helpful.
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