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So disappointed

Ya know...I'm not much in to politics.
Yesterday was the first time in MANY years that I have voted in USA.

But to hear people being so bitter, and actually trying to plan on moving out of America?
What in the living HELL are you thinking?

People have NO idea what the other candidate would have done in office...NONE what so ever.

But move to another country because your candidate did not win the election?
I'm in shock. Absolute shock. I'm thankful that Kerry loves this country more than his supporters. His speech was full of class, and intelligence.

You know what America's biggest problems are right now? Selfishness of the PEOPLE that live there.
Americans used to be generous. Kind. Thoughtful. Fair.

Now you can't even drive down the road w/o rudeness, insanity, or selfishness.

Maybe the people that wanted the Hell out of this country, didn't have such a bad idea after all.
But for me? It's not because of the government.
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