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4th-Nov-2004 01:14 pm
Farscape: All is right
After my post last night...I talked with my best friend, and relaized most of the thoughts in my mind, are more depressing then I ever imagined.

The freedoms in the USA has corrupted the minds of Americans, making them greedy, and self-centered. Rudeness to everyone around them, and finding their own niche in the World to bitch about anything they can get their hands on to further themselves.

I have no interest in reading or listening to more bitching about things that the people themselves cause. The people of America will be the destruction of the USA. Not terrorists. Not Government. But the selfishness, and greed of the people.

In this time, I have no desire to sit at this desk, open a photo program, and make "art" or dabble in pictures from television programs. I haven't made anything in over a week...and have no desire, or inspiration in the near future.

If people that have friended this journal wish to remove themselves...I will not take offense. I don't really have any intention of updating it again any time soon.

My web site for Tru Calling will remain open for the time being, to see how that show will be treated by FOX. After that...it will either sit there not being updated, or will be removed from the internet permanently.

I hope that the people in my country realize one day, that the general attitude HAS to change, for ANY leader appointed here to be ABLE to make a difference.

Take Care
4th-Nov-2004 12:33 pm (UTC)
Wav, don't give up!
I know you don't feel like doing anything right now and perhaps it is good to take some time out, but never cease to give your opinion or try to understand the political situation or how your fellow countrymen and women are behaving. I know it seems all so pointless but hang in there. Ppl like you are needed, what would happen if all level-headed ppl like you would suddenly not make their voices and opinions anymore? It would give even more ground to the extremists of both parties.
Don't let them succeed in shutting you up, whether they are liberal extremists or conservative ones.

Lots of hugs,
4th-Nov-2004 08:03 pm (UTC)
Hey Una

Thanks for listening to my rant. I just hate the reactions, and the state of mind of the people of this country right now.

Selfish people get under my skin, and it's starting to feel like all 120 million are turning out that way.

Thanks for the words of wisdom. I hope I can hold out against, what feels like the masses.
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