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Just a few 
16th-Dec-2004 01:28 am
Farscape: All is right
I've only got three icons to show ya.

Made them all today. un4scene Came to visit, so we were only in Photoshop for tutorial basis only.

Hope you like!

Screencaps courtesy of numerocinco
16th-Dec-2004 12:27 am (UTC) - new icons
This is got to be one of the best Sayid icons I've ever seen. Wow! Love the other two too but I go nuts for the Sawyer and Sayid. :-)
16th-Dec-2004 09:54 am (UTC) - Re: new icons
Why thank ya!

The best Sayid? There can never be a best...only hot, or hotter. Don't you agree? lol
(Deleted comment)
16th-Dec-2004 10:14 am (UTC)
Hi Cariel!

Thank you!

Do you have a specific icon in mind that you would like to see the tutorial for? They are all done a bit different.

There are a couple of tutorials that I have in memories that I feel are really helpful in colors, and composition, that helped me a lot.




But just let me know which icon you would like to know about, and I'll try my best to be as specific as these two tutorials are.

Thanks again!
(Deleted comment)
16th-Dec-2004 12:31 pm (UTC)
On the third icon...I did all of the coloring, and added the texture overlay. Saved the .psd file, then went to LAYERS> Flatten Image

Duplicated the layer
Checked the Monochrome box at the bottom, and clicked OK
Then set the Monochrome layer to Overlay

In between the Background Layer, and the Monochrome layer, I created a new layer.

Then go to IMAGE>ROTATE CANVAS>Rotate 90(degrees) CCW
Then I used this brush in Black

from this set: http://www.livejournal.com/community/freak_icons/5509.html
(second set on page) Thanks to: freak_icons

I messed around with the brush until I was happy with the placement.
Then IMAGES>ROTATE CANVAS>Rotate 90(degrees) CW (should be right side up again)

Then I stretched the right edge of the brush over some to cover the icon.
Erased at a lower opacity with a soft feathered round brush. so the change of color wasn't extreme.

Then Duplicated the brush layer, and lowered the opacity down to 15% so that the shadowed part was darker...but not the part on Claire.

Then I went to the Original (color) layer, and smudged the rest of her arm from the shadowed part of the picture. And then did the same with the Monochrome layer.
Looked like this before:
And this after:

Then added the text. The was in 5 pt Arial and Key was 18pt Scriptina

I can tell you how I got the original coloring, and screencap if you'd like. But that pretty much covers how I got that layered look in the end.

I hope this helps!
16th-Dec-2004 10:46 am (UTC) - Sayid icon
Good point. ;-)
16th-Dec-2004 03:36 pm (UTC)
Wav, my dear, you never cease to amaze me. Honestly! I absolutely love those! Especially #3! :)

You were very kind to let us know the steps you took to make that one. *snuggles*

Thank you!!
16th-Dec-2004 06:24 pm (UTC)
Hey you!

Thank you..as always.

I decided to detail it ALL the way...and it took longer to do the tut, then it did to do the icon! LOL

Thanks again for your kind comments.
16th-Dec-2004 08:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is where the claire icon came from! It is definately beautiful! After looking through the tutorial, one really appreciates everything that goes into that piece of art. Great work!
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