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Forcing an actress to do a role???

I just can't wrap my mind around this one.

This was posted at a Save ANGEL web site

Happy New Year everybody! It’s finally time to fire the opening salvo in the long-anticipated campaign for the Angel and Buffy spin-off, Faith: The Vampire Slayer. A series starring Eliza Dushku as Faith is our best chance to see Faith and some of our other favorite Whedonverse characters on television again.

Starting January 3rd send your postcards or letters to:

Eliza Dushku
c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1825

But don't stop there. We don't want to just fight the good enough fight. We have to fight to win if we want to see the Whedonverse on television again!

That means that if you know Angel or Buffy fans that are not members of this site, encourage them to send postcards. If they hesitate, go that extra step and print or buy them postcards and stamps or just do it proactively. If you watched Angel with your significant other, both of you could send postcards. If you watched it with siblings or parents, make postcard writing a family affair. Do it with your friends after school.

Let’s do it proudly! Let’s do it loudly! Let’s do it together! LET’S DO IT NOW!

And after you do it, let us know in the poll attached to this thread how many postcards or letters have been sent that you know of. It’s like giving a SaveAngel high-five or pat on the back to your fellow campaigners.

Since this only the beginning of the campaign, watch this space for our next target.


Can you believe this insanity?
Maybe it's just me...but bombarding an actresses agency, to get her to do a role, that hasn't been offered to her, is a little bit backwards. Don't ya think?

Her previous TV role hasn't even been officially canceled yet. (might as well have been)
Heeeellllllooooo people!!! What are you thinking???

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